Honor your tribe

While traveling in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic we went on a catamaran day trip. Sailing around the beautiful puntacanaSamana Bay before being dropped off for the day at a private island.   It was the perfect day with a very enlightening tour guide.

When we were on the bus driving to the location our tour guide Cappuccino (not sure that is his real name but it sure was a name we would all remember) was giving us some information and history about the Dominican Republic. This story that he told made me wonder later after seeing my social media feed if he was telling it to us specifically because we were all Americans. Did he think that we needed to hear the message specifically or was it part of his tour speak that he tells everyone?

Cappuccino said, “In the Dominican Republic we refer to one another as Indians, not men or women, black or white, Muslim or Christian, but as one tribe which we call Indians. We are one tribe which comes together.”

On the bus my first thoughts were WOW wouldn’t that be amazing if we all thought that way in our country. One tribe, one community honoring humanity.  I know there are many smaller communities thinking in that way, but America as a whole definitely is not.

How can one country, which has much less than we do refer to themselves as one and we who live in a land where there is so much opportunity are fighting with one another. Many times arguing when we are both saying the same thing.

Where has our ability gone to listen and have an open and honest conversation about a topic? Do we all just have our own agenda on our mind, are we trying to force our opinions on others, or are we listening, thinking and reasoning to form an opinion on the topic at hand?

What are you truly saying to the world? And more importantly how are you listening to what is going on around you and then speaking about it?

I would love to hear your thoughts about this, please post your thoughts below and let’s have a conversation…

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