Your self care is key to your success

Many of you have probably seen my social media posts or emails about an event I helped organize. The event was a huge success but what I felt afterward wasn’t a feeling of WOW this is AWESOME, in fact it was very much the opposite.

This was the second event we had with the same structure, so why didn’t it feel amazing after? The questions that came up for me have been uncomfortable, and finding the answers have been even more so.

What was different between the two events? (I should rephrase that question and ask how did I show up differently for the two events?)

The first event I was very firm in my own boundaries and had specific strategies for my self care and I worked in a way that worked best for me. Scheduling a massage 1 week before the event was not easy for me to do, but I did it and when that day arrived boy did it feel good. I was much firmer in my communication and the timeline for when I needed things done so that it was easier for my personal schedule and work flow.

The first event was a success and I felt like I showed up much more in tune to everything. Taking care of myself first and doing the work was so much more enjoyable.

Second time around for the event I thought I was doing everything the exact same way I had for the first one. Now looking back I can see that I totally threw my own self care out the window and I didn’t communicate clearly my specific needs.

To say this strategy SUCKED would be an understatement.

It felt as if I was letting things happen to me, rather than holding true to my desired vision.

Lesson learned ! Putting myself last is not the best strategy for me or anyone for that matter. When everyone is clear in their communication and desires then and only then can a team achieve the desired outcome.  I now have regularly scheduled self care time in my work week, and working on communicating clearly with my team is an ongoing process.

I would love to know what your self care practices are which help you to be more productive.
Share your wisdom below….

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